Seminar za teoriju reprezentacija ZCI QuantiXLie

PMF Matematički odsjek
27.03.2018 - 17:45 - 19:00

On tuesday, 27. 3., on seminar for representation theory, including ZCI
QuantiXLie, there will be held a lecture

Vit Tuček: Computer Algebra System Sage

The CAS system SAGE was started by William Stein who works in analytical number
theory. Since its beginning it grew considerably and currently the biggest part
of this versatile and open-source system is devoted to combinatorics where one
can find (among many other things) root systems of classical and affine Lie
algebras and their associated Coxeter groups. Quite recently Sage gained support
for Lie algebras and other noncommutative algebras such as Clifford or Weyl
algebras. In this talk I will explain the basics and show how Sage can be used
for calculations in representation theory.

You can easily install Sage on Windows following instructions on this webpage: For other operating systems please see:

The beginning of seminar is at 17:45 in lecture room A201.

We invite participants of the seminar and everyone interested.

Karmen Grizelj

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