Seminar za unitarne reprezentacije i automorfne forme

PMF Matematički odsjek (virtualno)
29.03.2021 - 16:15 - 18:00

Dana 29.3.2021. u okviru Seminara za unitarne reprezentacije i automorfne forme  

 održat će  profesor Gordan Savin (University of Utah) predavanje pod naslovom:
Geometry of exceptional groups

Abstract: Classical groups arise from algebras with involutions. In
particular, classical group is a group with a "standard" representation
that is used to describe subgroups of the classical group as stabilizers
of certain subspaces. This friendly arrangement is responsible for many
papers on classical groups. For exceptional groups an important role is
played by twisted composition algebras introduced by Springer. I will
explain what these algebras are, and how they provide a natural setup in
the proof that exceptional theta correspondences are one to one, a joint
work with Gan.

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Predavanje počinje u 16:15.
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