Seminar za dinamičke sustave

PMF Matematički odsjek (virtualno)
12.01.2021 - 16:15 - 18:00

On Tuesday, 12/01/2021, at 16.15,

Martin Klimeš will give a talk in Dynamical Systems Seminar under the title:


Dynamics of meromorphic vector fields on the Riemann sphere
Abstract: The talk will offer a brief overview on the dynamics of real-time flow of rational vector fields in one complex variable on CP^1, of their bifurcations, and of the structure the moduli space. The real phase portrait is also known as the horizontal foliation of the dual meromorphic differential form, and a great deal of the theory has a natural generalization also for horizonal foliations of meromorphic quadratic differentials.


The talk will be held via Zoom platform:

Meeting ID: 843 6526 5465

Everybody is invited.

Maja Resman

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